cover girl-11 crop sittingBeth Bryce is an award-winning Career Strategist & Transformation Coach and Founder of Daring Circle Ranch, successfully coaching thousands of clients through career and life transitions. She’s passionate about helping others define a rewarding path to start living the life they imagine – an authentic life, filled with passion and joy!

In 2012, Beth embarked upon her own “Eat, Pray, Love” journey (think Elizabeth Gilbert) traveling throughout the United States searching for the strength to finally begin living her dreams. Beth ultimately wrote about her life revolution as a featured co-author of Women on Fire: Volume 2 (2014), a heart-stirring and heartwarming anthology of stories written by 21 courageous and powerful women who faced real-life challenges and successfully moved through them to become authentic Women on Fire. Her chapter is titled, “I’m Marrying Me”.

  • Certified Motivational Career Coach, Dynamic Institute
  • Member of the (ICF) International Coach Federation
  • Master Career Development Professional with the (NCDA) National Career Development Association
  • Certified Retreat Facilitator through the Sedona Women’s Institute
  • Certified practitioner, Myer-Briggs Type Indicator Personality Assessment
  • Mastermind Facilitator, Karyn Greenstreet
  • Masters Degree in Leadership from Central Michigan University
  • Energy healer, Reiki II Practitioner
  • Global John C. Maxwell Leadership award recipient, Top 30 Leaders in 2015
  • 20+ years experience with Fortune 500 companies in leading teams, personnel development, training, business process improvement and project management

“So many of us remain stuck in toxic jobs, unhappy and unhealthy for years. I wanted to share my struggle and journey to transition to a career filled with passion to provide others with the motivation to take action, get unstuck, and start doing the work that they were meant to do – authentically living their true purpose.” – Beth

Susan PerrySusan Perry is a certified, Kripalu & Integrative Yoga Therapy trained Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist.  She is also the Founder of Live Big 365, an online gathering place for inspirational Integrative Yoga.  She has served thousands of clients in private and group therapeutic yoga sessions throughout the United States.  Susan is known for her compassion, intuitive healing sensibility, creative mind and unique ability to identify areas of pain and ways to heal.

Susan is a member of Yoga Alliance, Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association, Integrative Yoga Therapy and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  She holds an MA in Theology from the College of Saint Elizabeth and a Professional Yoga Therapist Certification.

“I am so grateful, no matter how soft it was, that I heard that inner voice. I’m now 60 pounds lighter, in perfect health, stronger in mind, body and spirit than I have ever been; peaceful and happy. I have made it my dharma, my mission to bring this beautiful and sacred way of living to as many people as I possibly can.” – Susan

lynn-home4-aboutLynn Clifford is a life mentor and horse women and a devoted Agent of Change, Priestess of Possibility, and Advocate for Authenticity.  She is a 3rd generation equestrian, healer, writer/author/poet, speaker, performer, free-form dancer, highly sensitive human, wood sprite and tree lover, water wader, moon gazer, earth layer, hot coal walker, seeker of sacred balance.

Lynn is professional trained as a psychotherapist, with a Masters in Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy, and has been deeply influenced by a 2 year Priestess Path Apprenticeship, the Native American tradition of Vision Questing, Shamanic Journeying, as well as Equine Assisted Growth & Learning in its many forms.

She has nearly 30 years in the experiential education and personal growth fields, and brings with her the creativity and expression of the soul, the nourishment and pleasing of the senses, and a passion for facilitating humans on their authentic life path through life coaching and holistic horsemanship.

“You do not have to be “horse crazy” or an equestrian to experience the benefits of working with these great creatures. The Horses Healing Being experience is unmounted and non-linear, where you relate with the individually selected Horse or Horses on a non-utilitarian level, your eyes even with theirs in equality.” – Lynn