Ravings from Santa Fe…

“This was an incredible experience.  I came home myself and ready to get to work on my dream.  My heart is full of joy and deep gratitude.  Beth, Lynn and Susan are a powerful combination of pure awesomeness!” 

“The best part of the retreat was being able to connect with other women, having a safe place to be myself and open up, speak my truth with no judgment.  It is the best retreat I have ever attended.  It changed my life, it’s something I know I would love to be a part of again in the future.”

“The retreat caused an unseen shift within me.  I was not aware of the changes until I got home.  I am more in touch with honoring my wants and needs and that is directly related to the work I did during the retreat.  Thank you for helping me break myself open.  The course of my life has been altered in a positive way and I am grateful for that.”

“Thank you for the amazing information that reached deep down inside and helped me to realize my true value…my true worth!”

“It was magical, emotional, and very rewarding.  Each facilitator as well as the other women played a very important part in the discovery process.  I never felt so much love!”

“I was fortunate to attend a retreat in Santa Fe last month facilitated by Beth Bryce, a recent graduate of our Facilitator Training program. One of the highlights of our time together was working with horses on a ranch outside of town. It was my first experience with equine therapy so I had absolutely no idea what to expect but went with an open mind and own heart . . . and wow, what an experience it was. We all came back changed in some way!” ~ Karen Ely, The Sedona Women’s Institute

“The feeling of safety, bonding, respect, and encouragement from the other women participating was amazing.  Relaxing, opening up and sharing thoughts and feelings was a very helpful and rewarding experience.  I look forward to attending future retreats with these phenomenal facilitators.”

“This retreat was high quality with a variety of transformative experiences.  I loved the camaraderie of the group and the variety of offerings.  Already planning for next year!”

“I highly recommend!  The personal value gained is much more than the actual cost of the retreat.  Every detail was covered to perfection.  I Loved the dinners out together.  My feet still haven’t touched the ground.”

“I spent last weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with seven of my new best friends.  Our purpose:  explore and respond to our soul’s whisper and heart’s desire.  The journey within can be more fearful than traveling to the most remote corners of the world.  Here is my ode to my fellow travelers.

Eight daring women step into the arena.
Four stalwart horses stand at attention, electric with anticipation.
Eight daring heartbeats racing, pulsing through the sultry, arid ether.
Eight daring women eye-to-eye with one-thousand pound sentient beings.
Eight daring women exposed and vulnerable.
Eight daring women open to the possibilities.
Eight daring women supporting one another through tears and laughter.
Eight daring women forever changed.

Thank you Beth Bryce, my fellow travelers and my two equine teachers, Dandi and Lilly, for helping me understand the importance of stillness and letting my bright light shine.”