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Doing a TED Talk has been on my bucket list for several years. I realize most people fear public speaking over death. Of course, I’m the opposite. I wanted to do this before I die. Like everything I do, I applied on a whim. I figured what can ‘they’ do but say no? Let’s just say I was surprised when two weeks later, I received the congratulations email. They said YES!


Okay. I thought how hard can this be? I’ll write my talk, get on stage and yammer on for 10 minutes. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The TED journey has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. Seriously.

Twice a week for two months, we met as a group with four professional speaking coaches. Writing the talk, presenting, and feedback, editing the talk, rewriting the talk, presenting, and feedback. It went like that in an endless loop. For over 100 hours.

Did I mention the tears, frustration, freakin’ fear, and questioning the meaning of life…and why the hell did I want to do this? Someone, anyone, please remind me!

Because it’s my mission to empower women to stop sleepwalking and live their dreams. Period.

I’ve learned many lessons through this process, which I’ll share later at great length, but I do know this for sure:

When you are serious about your dream and mission, nothing or no one will stop you. Not blood, sweat, tears, fears or any lame excuse. You will show up like a hangry Terminator on a bad hair day and will not stop until you achieve your goal.

When was the last time you felt THAT driven to succeed? Don’t sleepwalk lady. There’s too much life to be living out here. Join me on stage! The universe has your back. Stop waiting, Start now. It’s so worth it!

So…I have to ask you, are you going to fight for your happiness, or let another year pass you by wondering why you don’t have the life and career of your dreams? Give your inner-champion permission to ignite your own life revolution! – Beth Bryce, TEDxABQ Women 2018

 Beth Bryce is a Career Strategist, Transformation Catalyst, and Founder of Daring Circle Ranch leading others through their own Life Revolution.   She enjoys saving women from living a mediocre life, taking risks, getting lost in the woods, pizza, and her Jack Russell Terrier – not necessarily in that order.  Beth is currently working on her book, Ignite Your Life Revolution: How to Crush Fears. Unleash Your Magic and Live Your Wildest Dreams