Women Daring Creative Programs

Are you searching for a creative soul tribe of women?

Yearning to reignite your imagination & passions? 

Join us to set your powerful intentions  ~

Our programs are for you if you have a willingness to:

    • Dig deep, stretch your boundaries and share your internal voice and writing with a tribe of like-minded, heart-centered,  women
    • Complete writing exercises, designed to develop your writing and spark your creativity, self-awareness & imagination!
    • Gain clarity, discover ‘Ahas’, reconnect with your joy and embrace the journey
    • Be supportive and provide loving, positive feedback to other Women Daring members
    • Treat others’ writings & art with the utmost respect and confidentiality
    • Trust the writer & artist within you and set aside self-judgment.  No special writing/art experience needed!

Throughout our programs, you will be mentored by Beth Bryce, Writer, Artist, Teacher, Certified Coach, & Mastermind Facilitator

 Two Premium Creative Programs

Option 1 – Ignite Your Creative Life:  Write, Walk, Art.   [Weekend Mini-Retreat, April 9-11, 2021]

Based on the works of Julia Cameron, The Listening Path, and Beth’s art journaling process, revisit your deepest desires and usher in the rebirth of Spring.  Join us to walk a gentle path toward expanding our listening skills, to our environment and self.  You will gain healing, insight, and clarity.  Feel a sense of renewal and embrace a world of connectivity and creativity through writing and art that will resonate through every aspect of your life. Walk away feeling inspired after creating your own art piece.  No writing/art experience necessary!  Full fee information and details are posted here.  Registration is open.   RSVP today, Spots are Limited! 

Option 2 – The Artist’s Way [13 Week Program,  Jan – Mar 2022] 

Join us for a 13-week creative journaling program to IGNITE YOUR CREATIVITY.  This workshop is based on 12 chapters in The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron which will take us through a  3-month course to explore our inner creativity and deepest desires. Full details are posted on the DCR Website.  Registration opens in September 2021.  Spots are limited to 6 ladies.

For more information 

For more information:  Beth only coaches highly-committed private clients.  She brings life-changing results, this will require an investment in your time and resources.  If you think you are ready to make this commitment for your future, please contact Beth to set up a complimentary Discovery Call to explore the possibilities beyond your wildest imagination!